a little bit more about us


We're a social and friendly bunch who like to meet new people. If you'd like to drop in you're welcome to bring a partner in crime. Lots of our activities involve pair work so it's a great way to get to know others or do something fun with a friend.


‚ÄčThe main focus of our sessions is to work on general fitness and well-being, helping you achieve your goals. Classes are run by professional instructors with life experience who enjoy working with people. 


At Kung Fu Fit we have a real passion for what we do and we think you will too. Why not

check out our videos or drop in for a taster session?

ng Mui - the legendary founder of the wing chun system
Kung Fu Fit UK ltd



is this right for me?


Founded by a woman, and enjoyed by everyone, Wing Chun is suitable for anybody looking for a functional self-defence system. Our mixed classes might be what you're looking for.


We never work strength against strength. Instead we train the extensors to build a well structured body that can deal with pressure. We strengthen and tone our bodies differently, working from the spine to achieve dynamic movement and maintain vertical integrity through motion.


By balancing the body in gravity, it is possible to overcome an opponent who may otherwise have a strength or weight advantage. People often find it surprising how much stronger they feel without bulking-up. This is also a benefit to any additional sport you may do and, more generally, to your daily life.