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Ip Man Teaching Bruce Lee Chi-Sau

Wing Chun continued to be transmitted through the generations, but only to a handful of people. This unique martial style finally reached Yip Man who began to teach the public in Hong Kong during the Cultural Revolution. 


Yip Man's fame can be attributed to his profound understanding of the Wing Chun system and the many great martial artists he taught, including the prodigious Bruce Lee.


Today Wing Chun is taught to a great number of people around the world and is used by law enforcement and security agencies everywhere. Come and join us in Bath!

 Check out the movie based on the late Grand Master's life!

Southern Shaolin Temple

Wing-Chun kung-Fu

Legend has it Wing Chun was discovered by the Buddhist nun Ng Mui after the destruction of the Southern Shaolin Temple by the Manchu Government who felt threatened by the monks skill.


Forced on the run, Ng Mui was moved by the plight of a young girl, Yim Wing Chun, and her father as they were harassed by the local bully for her hand in marriage. Ng Mui passed her secret teaching to Wing Chun who was able to defeat the bully in a dual and secure their freedom.


Wing Chun passed what she had learnt on to her husband Leung Bac-Chou who named the style in her honor after her death.