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In over 10 years of martial arts I have trained with many people and it is rare that you find someone with Mark's Wing Chun technical skill and attribute development - I found it very difficult to hit him!  Mark's skills as a martial artist complement his teaching ability in that he understands how to help YOU improve your skills.  His lessons are well thought out and structured, including physical conditioning, attribute development, technical skills and applications, and his teaching style is informal and friendly, but includes appropriate encouragement and motivation to help you reach the next level.

5 Star Reviews
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This is the first time I decide to practice a physical activity! I hesitated a lot because at school I was very bad at sports, and I'm very happy to have found these classes.
I started a month ago and I feel more confident, also I always had problems concentrating and these classes help a lot with that. 
Everybody is helpful and patient, and we have a lot of fun learning! Mark is a great Sifu!

All abilities welcome and we are very happy to teach beginners. Holidaying in the area? Why not drop by for a crack at the locals!‚Äč Check out Btah Go Club.

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Supplementing my training with Wing Chun at Kung Fu Fit Bath was great fun and I found the one-to-one tuition really added to my existing training with the Specials. I have used some of the gentle restraint techniques during practice to impress colleagues and really feel that I have learnt something unique that I could use in the real world.

Special police constable
6 x national champion boxer of georgia - close protection

Will phipps


Vitali roshkani



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Harry Flexman

After a month of practice, I can say that practicing Wing Chun with Mark and the other students is not only fun, it is very instructive.
Wing Chun is a martial art that proves to be very effective for self-defence, and Mark does a good job at explaining how to learn it, and why. 
A fine way to stay in shape, correct your posture, learn about eastern philosophy, and so much more in a friendly environment!


5 Star Reviews
5 Star Reviews

I have experience in Boxing, Kick Boxing, Thai Kwan Do and have trained Krav Maga in Isreal. In my opinion Wing Chun is excellent for the mid and close range combat situations. A perfect tool for self-defence, it can be learnt by anyone and I couldn't think of better people to train with in Bath.