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Kung Fu Fit UK ltd
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Please Book for a Free Class. ​Each class is 1.5 hours and is suitable for anyone aged 13+. Your first class is FREE! Available TUE & WED 9:30-21:00

Membership packages

All Grades are FREE for Members paying by Direct Debit and Annual Passes

Guest Drop-in for £15 p. Session or train from as little as £6.34 p. Session with one of our Monthly Packages.

Drop-In Passes train from £9 p. Session

Annual from: £5.39 p. Session

Students from: £4.03 p. Session


​Two sessions a week any time: £55 per month
- from £6.34 p.session

One session a week any time: £40 per month
​- from £9.23 p.session

All payments are in advance by Direct Debit and may be changed or cancelled with 30 days notice. For concessions see the Discounts section at bottom of page.

pay up front

12 Months Upfront - Save 15%

Train from £5.39 p. Session

Two sessions a week any time: £561

One session a week any time: £408

6 Months Upfront - Save 10%

Three sessions a week Only £324

Two sessions a week any time: £297

One session a week any time: £216

STUDENTS 10 Month Deals - Charged at 9 Months -15%

Train from £4.03 p. Session

Two Sessions a week any time: £420

One Session a week any time: £345

introductory offer  -  JANUARY/february

*Special Offer*

Available to new members only. Available January
- Get 3 Weeks training for £20 when you join.


The quickest way to improve is with one-on-one coaching with our head instructor. Private classes tailored to you, designed specifically to improve your Wing Chun. Please contact to check availability.

Early mornings and weekends now available.

Private one-on-one classes:  £50 p/h 
Minimum booking 1 hour. Maximum 3 People.

Have your own space? Would you like us to visit you at your home or work? Contact us for availability.

Families and Small Group Workshops: Call or email for quote

If you would like to work as a small group or as a pair because the time table does not work for you, or you have specific requirements we can help. Contact us to discuss what you need.

Minimum booking 1 hour.


Sessions for children under 14 years are available at a reduced rate, please phone for details.

All children must be accompanied by an adult.
Discretional charges for Students available during off peak periods.


First Session: Payment accepted at time of booking by Bank Transfer or Paypal.

Return: Payment accepted at time of booking by Bank Transfer, Paypal, or Cash on the day.

Cancellations, Postponements, Changes to Groups and Refunds

48 hour notice for cancellations, postponements and changes to group bookings required. Charges agreed will still be applicable if changes are made within 48 hours. Full refunds available for bookings cancelled before 48 hours.​​

By the same token, if we make a scheduling mistake, or cancel under the 48 hour policy, your next session will be free.


Guest Drop-in fee £15 per session.

Payment is accepted in advance by a 'One Time' Secure Direct Debit, Bank Transfer, or Cash on the day.

If you are not already a Kung Fu Fit Member your first session is FREE but after this we will ask you to join a package or pay at the guest rate with each visit.

Guest drop-in passes

Sessions may be purchased in advance at a discounted rate.

10 Session Pass:  £90 valid for 12 weeks.
- £9 p.session

8 Session Pass:  £80 valid for 10 weeks.
- £10 p.session

6 Session Pass:  £70 valid for 8 weeks.

- £11.67 p.session

Payment is accepted in advance by Bank Transfer, Paypal, or Cash on the day.

The Small Print
Passes are valid from your first visit, or until 12 months from date of purchase, whichever is sooner.
Classes must be used within their alloted time. Remaining credit can be used against cost of monthly package when you switch, but is not refundable as cash. The pass can be used for all Drop-In classes on the timetable subject to availability at the start of the class. Passes are non-transferable post validation. Passes may be bought as gifts.


We offer discounts to a range of people including: Students, all Blue Light Services, those currently serving in the Armed Services or holding a Defence Discount Card and all NHS employees. 

We also offer corporate discounts for employees of RotorkBath Cats and Dogs Home and members of Kali Sikaran Bath

We currently offer a 10% discount to the above on any of our monthly packages.

Annual Up-font discount of 10% is available in conjunction with all other discounts.

If your employer is not listed please contact us to discuss how they may be included.

If there is anything preventing you from attending one of our classes we would still love to hear from you to discuss how we may help.