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In addition to our class sessions on Tue, Wed and Fri we also offer small group workshops and personal tuition daily.

One to one and small group sessions are a great way to focus on a specific part of your training. We recommend small group workshops and one to one sessions for intensive training or for those who would prefer to train more privately and for anyone with a busy schedule.

This is a great way hone specific skills or if you prefer learning in a smaller group. 

If you'd like any more information please feel free to get in touch.


Each session is designed to cater for everyone. You'll be able to take it at your own stride, or push yourself as hard as you want.


Everybody is different and each individual attends for their own reasons. The combining elements of Kung Fu Fit; Martial Arts, fitness and the social side provide a balance that helps keep it fresh and you motivated. 


Although it is not necessary to be fit to defend yourself with Wing Chun, physical training is required to implement the changes required to master this art, and it's good for you too! ​​​


Expect a friendly atmosphere with a coach who wants to help you achieve your goals and have fun. 


Our classes are about getting you proficient in a skill that you might not otherwise try, as well as getting you in shape.


We welcome all levels of experience, ability and fitness.

There will always be other's of a similar experience level to yourself and our more seasoned members are always happy to lend a helping hand. 


Kung Fu Fit is a community based on traditional Martial Arts values where relationships are built on mutual respect and admiration. We share our knowledge because we want to bring the joy of movement and physical expression to everyone.


As part of the wider community, we will from time to time be involved in supporting local charities and projects. Kung Fu means hard work and we believe that together we can work to produce a positive change. 

​If you are interested in working with us on a charitable project please email us.