Kung Fu Fit UK ltd


Make Haste Slowly!

Our unique self-defence system is designed to be used by anyone.

In-depth training will quickly gain you the following skills:

  1. Identifying threat(s).
  2. Appropriate responsiveness.
  3. Conflict resolution.
  4. Scaling force.
  5. Practical self-defence solutions.

We've all felt threatened at some time in our life.

ActiveDefence! is an in-depth, step-by-step program that covers everything you need to know; from body language and spacial awareness to assessing and scaling appropriate responses to the aggressive behaviour of others.

ActiveDefence! is taught alongside our Wing Chun and Chinese Boxing courses, to give you a rounded approach to self-defence and the martial arts.

Gain the knowledge and skills needed to avoid and deal with conflict and make haste slowly!