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Wing Chun a Martial Art for Self Defence


We welcome people from all walks of life. Our Bath school has a warm and friendly culture. If you are a martial arts enthusiast already or have no experience whatsoever you are just as welcome. 


Our certified instructors will ensure you receive the best practices in the industry and enjoy every class.


Come and see for yourself. When you come to a Kung Fu Fit class you'll notice the guiding philosophy is one of respect and dignity. We won’t force you to do anything.


Free to try, you will only need to bring yourself and something you feel comfortable training in. Why not bring a friend?

We’re Wing Chun people. This means we are from a Southern Chinese style, a so-called soft-style or internal martial art.


Wing Chun's character is that of practicality. It uses only direct movements and dispenses with showy or unnecessary motion. The focus is always what works in a real life situation.


We practice postural control and relaxation, train flexibility within the body, and mobility in the joints. Unlike other styles, this allows us to adapt and change according to the enemy; giving us the greatest room to manoeuvre within the smallest time frame.


Kung Fu Fit combines traditional Wing Chun with modern training techniques to really deliver results. Any questions, ask away!

At Kung Fu Fit we know your body is more than a tool that gets you from place to place, it’s your freedom. 


You and your body complete essential daily activities together; whether it's going to work, doing the weekly shop or picking up the kids from school. You depend on it, so it’s important your body receives quality exercise and training to stay fit and healthy. 


Kung Fu Fit is a great way to maintain fitness, gain confidence, relieve stress, lose weight, improve posture and learn how to protect yourself in the real world. Above all, you'll have fun!

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